Customized Cakes Delivery to BINONDO, Metro Manila

Charm's Cakes shop is accepting orders from BINONDO. We deliver door to door via van services. We don't use motorcycles, all deliveries are safely delivered via four-wheel delivery vehicles. If you prefer to visit our shop, Our shop in Quirino Highway is very accessible wherever you may be coming from.

If you are looking for Cake Shop that delivery to BINONDO, Charm's Cakes shop is one of the best options available out there.

Feel free to visit us BINONDO folks! It's our pleasure to serve you.

6 Best Personalized Cakes for Boys in BINONDO, Metro Manila

Charm's Cakes has over 100 of cake deisgns for boys, for kids and adults alike. Below are our one of the crowd favorites we curated especially for birthday boys in BINONDO. Check them out, feel free to browse for more.

6 Best Personalized Cakes for Girls in BINONDO, Metro Manila

Throwing a birthday party for your little girl in BINONDO? Looking for suggestions for a cake designs for a little girls birthday party? Check out our recommendations below.

6 Best Personalized Cakes for Mommies in BINONDO, Metro Manila

Your mama, lola or even tita the lives in BINONDO. Their birthdays is coming near. A few suggestion for their birthday cakes. we bet they will love these.

6 Best Personalized Cakes for Daddies in BINONDO, Metro Manila

A birthday cake for a vey special person, your dad. Checkout our custom cake recommendations for your father's upcoming birthday.

6 Best Designer Cakes in BINONDO, Metro Manila

And finally, our designer choice cake designs perfect for any celebrations. we hope you like them BINONDO folks!

10 Local Barangays in BINONDO that our cake delivery can reach.

All of BINONDO, Metro Manila is covered within our cake delivery service. We use delivery vans to safely transport our cake products. Delivery charge varies from different locations. You can check yours with the help of our customer service.

  • Barangay 287, Binondo
  • Barangay 288, Binondo
  • Barangay 289, Binondo
  • Barangay 290, Binondo
  • Barangay 291, Binondo
  • Barangay 292, Binondo
  • Barangay 293, Binondo
  • Barangay 294, Binondo
  • Barangay 295, Binondo
  • Barangay 296, Binondo

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